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The S.E. Network is not a “phone app”, but much, much more.  This is not the internet, so “thankfully”, there’s no need to download an app, create or remember passwords. This Super Wi-fi network is innovative and interactive at the same time.  This Super Wi-fi experience allows for more data-free, in-depth information than you’ve ever had. Simply put, this will change any industry that wants to communicate directly with your captured audience.


The S.E. Network can be used as a stationary, on-site, network, with an ever-expanding or contracting geo-fence.  Or, it can become a portable operation, when the movement of the geo-fenced area is necessary and ongoing. The geo-fenced area can be as small, or as large as the geo-fenced perimeter system has been built to reach. 


This unique product gives you the ability to bring the experience to any venue. It has all of the capabilities of those expensive stadiums and event venues, but when you leave, you can take this with you.


Inside a grocery store


The Stadium Engineering Network provides stores like yours with a modern, scalable solution to support staff in their interactions with customers and improve the experience for patrons.

Church Window with Cross


Our team at the S.E. Network, would like to bring you the “Church experience”. This program would allow you to stream all desired information to cell phones and tablets that are inside the network perimeter.

Concert Event


The S.E. Network will provide your event or show, with the world’s first super Wi-Fi, “digital event program/guide”, on your mobile phone or device.  Now you can present incredible amounts of facts, information and entertainment, to your guests, creating the ultimate “fan engagement tool”, no internet needed.

Baseball Stadium

Sports Events

 We bring you news “right on the spot”. Not only do we bring you Broadcast News, we bring people closer to information they’ve never received before. We set up our geofencing Network around a perimeter and stream live to your cell phone, tablet or mobile device.

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